Saturday, June 2, 2012

Getting Started in the Kitchen

If you love to cook or are looking to set up your own catering business, it is essential that you have to correct equipment to complete each task in the kitchen with ease, precision and health in mind; after all you are dealing with food. There are a couple of key factors to consider when the time arrives that you must collect a variety of cooking utensils to help you get started in the kitchen.

Hygiene is perhaps the most important factor when you decide to set up your own business in catering or want to cook food for your friends and family. To ensure everybody that you feed is free from harm, it is vital that you work in a clean and tidy workplace that is regularly cleaned to ensure germs and contamination are kept at a minimum. Simple things such as washing your hands regularly, using disposable packaging to prevent germs building up and using quality cleaning products to make sure all of your work surfaces, including the floor, are free from bacteria and dirt.

Following on from hygiene, it is essential to have a knife set that provides you with a special knife for all of your needs in the kitchen. So whether you are cutting up a tough piece of meat or chopping a baguette into segments, you should own the appropriate knife to help you complete the task with ease and precision. Some catering suppliers have different coloured handles on their knives to indicate the use of each one. Also, making sure your knives are in pristine condition to ensure you get the most out of your equipment is vital so investing in a sharpener is highly recommended.

Safety is also an issue when working in the kitchen which is why a set of rules should be put into place to ensure maximum safety for yourself and your employees. Having professional chef clothing such as hair nets and aprons will help you to stay clean and safe whilst reinforcing hygiene issues. The kitchen should also be easy to move around in and not have obstacles that could be a possible fire hazard or put any person present in the kitchen in any danger.

By taking these issues into consideration you will be able to set up a safe and happy working environment. Once you have everything covered, you can begin to expand your basic catering equipment collection and invest in some professional utensils that you will use on a daily basis.

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