Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Choosing a Cookware Set or Individual Pieces

What is the purpose behind buying a cookware set instead of just filling in the gaps with pots and pans as needed? This is a question that rarely comes up for guys but is something that drives girlfriends and wives crazy. There are logical reasons for doing this. It is not just because they look better as a matched set. The main reasons for doing this are space, cooking consistency, and lastly appearances.

The subject of space is a common one. Most people just moving out of their parent's home don't have a lot of room for all the kitchen stuff needed to survive. This means that having a mix and match set of pots and pans actually takes up much more room. The lids don't all match and the pieces don't fit together. With a cookware set you get everything that fits one inside of the next and the lids from the pots are the same for the pans. This means that you have less pieces and a more organized spot for your cookware set.

Now what is this about cooking consistency? You may have noticed that cooking with different pots and pans actually affects the quality of what you are cooking. If you turn the burner to medium, sometime it burns and other times it takes longer. This is from the cooking profiles of each pot and pan. Some pans heat to different temperatures because of the thermal profile of the materials being used. When you have a cookware set, you get use to how they cook and where the hot spots are. This allows you to better manage your cooking and prevent the meal from getting ruined. If you have a mix and match set then each one has its own problems and you have to spend much more time watching your food rather than enjoying cooking.

And of course there is the appearance aspect of this. Most guys in college or just graduating don't put a lot of thought into it but there are a couple things to consider before just saying it is not worth doing. Point one would be the mother. When you mom comes over to visit your place, I bet she would be impressed if you had a cookware set. It just looks much more responsible and professional. You don't want her believing you can't cook for yourself and coming over all the time... do you? Now what about point number two? That would be a girlfriend. When you invite a girl over to your place to cook for her and have a cookware set, it sets the example of you being organized and responsible. Having a matching set of stainless steel cookware instead of just pots and pans should be better for you in the long run.

My hope is that you take this information and see what it really means to you. When you make the decision to buy a cookware set or fill in a set of mix and match pots and pans, please consider all the aspects about your available space, the quality of your food and the impression that it gives others.

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