Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cook Like a Pro With a Baker's Scale

You probably already realize you need a baker's scale. The trouble is you may not yet be familiar with all of the options available. In fact, you may not even be aware of what comes in your basic model. Getting a better understanding of these will help you make an informed decision as a consumer and a baker.

Here are some quick tips to consider as you begin to get an understanding of what these scales are and what they can be used to do:

• The more baking you do the more important it is to have one of these. Some bakers may need this for every ingredient they use. Even if you only need it for a few ingredients, when you need it nothing else provides the same type of accuracy.

• One major decision you will have to make about your scale is whether you want to go digital or not. Some baker's prefer the accuracy of the digital reader for the results. Other bakers prefer the more old fashioned approach to reading the scale and feel there is less chance for error this way. The choice is entirely up to you.

• Calibrating is a huge part of making sure your results are accurate. Digital models do not require this task, while other styles do. Keeping your readings accurate with scales that are not digital relies on the calibration.

• It is also important to keep your scale clean. Whenever possible, most bakers use a material such as wax paper in the base of the scale to keep it clean. Either way you will still need to wipe it down regularly for cleanliness and accuracy as well as to avoid food contamination. Every scale comes complete with cleaning instructions based on the materials involved with construction of the device.

• If you plan on using your scale only at home, you may not need a larger scale. For those who are planning to use theirs in a commercial environment, it may be a better idea to get a more industrial sized one. For anyone just starting out with baking scales, they are probably better in a smaller size at first.

• If you look after proper maintenance, cleaning and care, you should be able to get a long life out of your scale. For this reason you may want to invest a little more upfront in order to have a solid and reliable device that can last for years to come. If you settle for anything too cheap, you may be replacing it before you have even truly learned to use it.

The bottom line is that with some research you can see all the different styles available. Pick the baker's scale you think is right for whatever you intend to use it to do. Most importantly, take good care of it so you can get years of use from it.

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